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For Claire! ^____^

For Claire.

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I always, always think of Claire whenever I hear this song.


Incubus, “Warning”

Oh hai Claire <3

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Incubus - Warning

Talking to Claire and it just seemed appropriate. ;)

Claire ZOMG.

She called out a warning"Don&#8217;t ever let life pass you by."

Oh mierda. 

She called out a warning
"Don’t ever let life pass you by."

Oh mierda. 

Don’t ever let life
pass you by.

LITTLE MIKEY!!!!!! Let me tell you something; he is the sweetest, nicest, most adorable, genuine little munchkin I have EVER met in my life….I will let this slip out. I don’t normally like to talk about my Incubus stories (related to meeting them) on here, super personal. And it’s just…I kind of went into what the music meant to me with every one of them…So I’d rather not. But I will tell you this…I bounced that ADORABLE little jewfro. I had to. I’d been wanting to do that since I was 15 years old. I met him when I was 21. That’s 6 years of wanting something BADLY! And 2 years of wanting it so badly I couldn’t stand it. I felt like an idiot and started to apologize profusely. Honestly - Michael is actually the member I lost my shit with. He is THAT cute. I held my own with everyone else, but I saw Mikey and I just lost it. I was like MIKEEEYYYYYYYYYYY! Oh god, this feels amazing to talk about; however I am done. Maybe I’ll pull out the scrapbook and look. I haven’t done that in forever.

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FUCK ME IT’S INCUBUS DAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! (Not really, Incubus Day is April 21st..if you’re a TRUE fan…you will know why…I’m a dork.) This album = my life. This album is in the top three albums of my life. This actually used to be my outgoing message on my voicemail on my phone. When I was a senior in high school, back in 2003.

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'I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal.'


Warning - Incubus