It's not who you were, it's who you are.

Dori. Twenty-something. Always something quirky to say. "If they're words from your heart you scream twice as loud." - Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl - Walk (acoustic) 

Nirvana/Nevermind sticker. First thing I noticed in that scene.

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Favorite Music Videos (in no particular order)

» Walk | Foo Fighters

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Dave loves to take pictures with beautiful sexy ladies.

i am in tears dsljdfsklfsdklljfdk

Pat is such a convincing woman.

i remember when they tweeted this and we had no idea what was going on 

i remember sitting at my desk wanting to punch my computer because of that picture of the broken glasses hahaha

Pat you make such a pretty lady.

Do you remember the days,
we built those paper mountains
and sat and watched them burn? 

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She just made this for me:

When in doubt, Nate is always judging you.

When in doubt, Nate is always judging you.

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Foo Fighters performing Walk. I don’t know if anyone knows how much that song truly means to me. It’s so life affirming and beautiful….

También, Dave was wearing a Slayer shirt. Long live the King.


stop being perfect ok


stop being perfect ok

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But still inside, a whisper to a riot.

One of the best songs ever written period.

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