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Soundgarden performing their album ‘Superunknown’ in it’s entirety at the iTunes Festival 3/13/14.

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A collection of the coolest photos ever.

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Ben Kenney is 15 dollars
Soundgarden is 58 dollars.

I don’t get paid until April 10th. I am using the power of positive thinking to get those tickets. I deserve a good time. I have been through hell lately.

Ben is in June. Soundgarden is in May. I’m going. I know it in my heart. It’s very important to me. I am a woman on a mission. ^___^

Birthday moneys well spent. #vinyl #pearljam #cagetheelephant #johnmayer #soundgarden


Good lord he’s so cool I cant even breathe

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so you will never guess what this is.

I give up. Is this new SG? Because I like it.

omg sJFh:JKLhF so many feels

I have been looking for this for this since they said they’d air it on the 19th and I stayed up that whole night listening to the radio for it to come on. this is amazing omg I love it

So when the fuck does King Animal come out?

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this is fucked up if it’s not actually going to happen because they totally posted that on purpose to fuck with us i mean no way that’s a coincidence right

I’d die.

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Live to Rise | Soundgarden

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Blow Up The Outside World is my favorite Soundgarden song. 

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Now I cannot stop listening to Soundgarden. I really wish they’d come to Kansas City. And Pearl Jam too. That would make my life.