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Okay there’s a lot of things to be stoked about right now but I think Dave shaking his booty to Dancing Queen should be our #1 priority right now.

this is the only thing that will ever really matter

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Official trailer of the Dave Grohl new documentary: ‘Sound City’

Gave me goosebumps.


Sound City

So frickin excited for this movie…it’s for fucking real.


Sound City: Musical Memories with Butch Vig

Butch Vig shares his memories of his first “band” The Rats and growing up around music for Dave Grohl’s Sound City movie.

Left a message with my callback number on my third attempt because I was so nervous, because I know he’s listening to them.

I am just hoping beyond hoping I get a call back, but even if I don’t the thrill of knowing he’s hearing what we are saying is plenty enough for me.

But if Dave does call back….get ready for a whole bunch of tears andasjhfsnoascaoiscacs iawbf  on my part.