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Dori. Twenty-something. Always something quirky to say. "If they're words from your heart you scream twice as loud." - Dave Grohl

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I like popcorn.

I’m bored and why not get to know one another better. Or get to know me better, here we go.

  1. When I was in the sixth grade I cut my hair, my bangs. I saw my mom twist them up and cut them before…let’s just say I did this right before picture day…it was horrendous.
  2. Also in the sixth grade I had my solo singing debut with my special music class. It was just some stupid little song this girl I went to school with wrote. Funny thing is I still remember all the lyrics. It was my first taste of people enjoying and cheering, clapping when I sang….it was like fucking crack to me hahahaha.
  3. I have seen Incubus over 20 times in 10 different states. Multiple cities in those states. ;)
  4. My favorite authors include Paulo Coelho, David Sedaris, Harper Lee, Hemingway, etc.
  5. I love the smell of books.
  6. I’ve lost 85lbs since I moved to Missouri.
  7. I do not miss my pink hair.
  8. I have over 30 tattoos but I am afraid of regular hypodermic needles. 
  9. My two best friends in the world live thousands of miles away from me.
  10. I’m going back to school in the next year for cosmetology.
  11. My favorite show in the world is The Golden Girls.
  12. I love cartoons.
  13. I would marry Neil Patrick Harris if that were possible.
  14. My only vice now is diet soda. 
  15. I’m the female equivalent of Dave Grohl.
  16. I have been told I’m a music encyclopedia.
  17. In third grade I was running to be first in line, I was tripped, I fell and skidded on my face on the playground. It looked like a horror movie. I am very lucky I am not scarred up.
  18. I had gastric bypass surgery.
  19. My favorite place in the world is a rock show…and my bed.
  20. I have met all my idols except Dave Grohl.
  21. I WILL meet Dave. It’s not insurmountable.
  22. I say whatever I want, at the precise moment I want to say it. However sometimes, regret follows.
  23. Right now I just got this incredible desire to watch The Nanny.
  24. I get sleepy at the oddest times.
  25. I always laugh when it’s inappropriate and then make it worse but trying to hold it in.
  26. After I went to rehab and started driving again I found that my road rage had disappeared. I am also a much safer driver than I ever was in the past.
  27. I have been sober for a year and a half.
  28. I am going to Chile one day because I have so many friends there and I want to see them.
  29. My best subject in school was always English.
  30. "Frageeeelay. Must be Italian!"
  31. I literally almost peed myself in the theater during The Hangover 2.
  32. I’m getting back into yoga and finding I’m still super limber.
  33. I have always wondered what it would be like to get an erection. Seriously, I want to know what it feels like. I don’t have that setup, so it is curious to me. Does it feel funny? I mean having this thing in between your legs that just rises and falls at it’s own goddamn will? Yeah these are the things I wonder about. 
  34. One day I will pwn at guitar.
  35. I have the same birthday as Nicolas Cage.
  36. I have seen the Backstreet Boys five times in my lifetime.
  37. When I first saw Tom Morello live in 2006, I squealed like a schoolgirl.
  38. When I am listening to music and I’m sitting down, I dance with half my body.
  39. I believe in love. No matter how many times it has bitten me in the ass.
  40. I think Homer Simpson is adorable.
  41. I suck at it, but I love to paint.
  42. Apparently, I have a ‘great eye for space design.’ But I never see it.
  43. I have chronic, severe insomnia. It is not a good time.
  44. Incubus are the nicest guys I have ever met in my life.
  45. Isadore. That is all.
  47. Even though it was in September, I am still sore from the Foo show. That’s what three hours of hardcore rock does to you!
  48. I want kids really bad one day. 
  49. I’m sleepy. Really sleepy.
  50. My haircut, style and color is the best it’s ever been.

Let ‘er rip, my friends! I’ll answer them, I swear! ;)

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The rest of my tattoos, finally got out the camera and took pictures.

Kurt Halsey sparrows, on my chest/clavicle. Hurt like a bugger, well kind of. I was on drugs then, so I just kept popping pills and I was unaffected…that’s not the worst part…I DROVE HOME AFTER THAT!! And I was like 45 minutes away from home. How unsafe was I? Literally an accident waiting to happen.

On my left arm on the top. I wanted a tribute to my mother as well, and I thought this was the best way. The only tattoo I’ve ever actually designed myself.

Red rose on right shoulder. I believe this was my latest one. I’m itching for more ink.

See! I told you I had Spongebob with his Jellyfishing glasses, or aka Spongebob Nerdypants. My favorite spongebob. I still need to get him colored in. The reason I didn’t do it then, is because I was cranky because I needed a fix. And I didn’t bring anything with me. So, I was like okay, I have to get home NOW! I can’t believe how forthcoming I am with the drug stuff now. It just feels good to get it off my chest.

Hello Kitty! Left arm by my wrist area. Needed to finish off my left sleeve and that piece fit perfect, and I’ve always loved Hello Kitty so. I love quirky little things. I’m never one to shy away from that.

I found these socks in a 10 pack at freaking Costco!! And I fell in love, they have all kinds of stripey colors and bright colored socks in there. Kinda fits my personality. Eccentric and quirky. Adjectives that I embrace with candor.

My baby. I’ve had nothing but Mac since 2003. Funny story; My MacBook wouldn’t hold a charge past 80% so we took it back to Best Buy to get it repaired. They couldn’t find the entire lookup on my warranty, so they just gave me a brand new MacBook. I was more than fine with that!!

The desktop. Red Rocks…ahhhhh.

My dog, well one my dogs, Bella. I love her dearly.

Pink hair! SFX Atomic Pink for three years now. Took this picture on Sunday I believe. Best photo of me in a very, very long time.