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Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution.
Incubus - "Rogues" (via earthlingchris)
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Light Grenades


A Kiss to Send Us Off

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The Light Grenades album is really just THE soundtrack to life. Every song just details a life event that everyone goes through. Just think about it.

True shit.

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Light Grenades
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Light Grenades


One more tongue kiss before the sky it falls.

Kill your doubt with the coldest of weapons; Confidence.

Here I am, there you are, on a wire connecting our hearts

There’s a string, that is tied to a kite

There’s a storm in the sky, now the clouds become electric.

Here I am, there you are, could I have a kiss to send us off?



I’m calling your name up into the air,
not one of the others could ever compare

Oh my heart thinks fondly of when Light Grenades first came out.  Or when the Anna Molly single was accidentally leaked at the Sony Store. I bought that shit and listened to it alllll night long.

My heart hurts so bad right now


  • Incubus - Light Grenades (Epic ‎– 88765404081) 2012 2xLP Record Store Day Reissue 180g Gatefold Limited Edition

I have every single Incubus album that was ever made on vinyl. That makes me proud

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Light Grenades


Incubus - Quicksand


ever and anon, I forget about the pain

someone bending light comes along; flowers lean toward the sun

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Light Grenades


Incubus - Rogues

I’m keeping an eye on the pulse and ear to the track
and penance in a locket, I’m dropping it from the highest floor!
When it hits ground I watch it smash to pieces,
songs of liberation echo from the dust, the dust