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Incubus Interview - Light Grenades era


Apart from Incubus, Brandon Boyd also makes beautiful art… he stopped by the studio, showed us what he’s been working on and we picked his lovely brain…



I’m kinda trying to figure that out still. I kinda hope that I don‟t ever have a perfectly clear-cut…


The lead vocalist of Incubus on where he likes to surf, why he looks up to his grandfather and how he stays healthy on tour

How much time do you spend training a week?

I get out on my bike almost every day. If I can’t walk somewhere I’ll bike or skateboard. Usually I’ll go out on my…



RR: Whenever I’ve seen you play here in New York at Sin-é or Fez, people sit there mesmerized.

JB: People weren’t into it at first. I had to fight to be heard. Then I had to stop fighting. Whole months would go by where people would just be talking. I even got a headache from a performance one time.

RR: What changed?

JB: I learned how to use everything in the room as the music. A tune has to resonate with whatever is happening around it. So if people are talking, I let them talk. That just means they’re part of the music. I even had to learn the noise the dishwasher makes at this little cafe; I had to play in B-flat, or it wouldn’t sound right.

RR: I want to talk about another Michael. I read a review that compared your recent EP, Live at Sin-é, with Michael Bolton’s new record.

JB: Oh, my God! Oh, shit, that’s really disgusting!

RR: It gets worse. They said he has succeeded in taking from the tradition of African American soul and blues singers in a way that you have miserably failed.

JB: Really? But the thing is, I’m not taking from that tradition. I don’t want to be black. Michael Bolton desperately wants to be black, black, black. He also sucks.

Silly boy, I love you!

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Jimmy Page is telling me about his former life as a choirboy. In the mid-1950s, when he was about 12, he would dress up and sing sweetly at St Barnabas Church near his home in Epsom, Surrey. This comes as a bit of a shock - little Jimmy Page, singing his heart out to the Lord - given that a dozen…


Here’s an incredible artifact featuring the legendary music writer Lester Bangs, being interviewed all the way back in 1980. This comes courtesy of the website (via nedhepburn) and is definitely worth your time. It’s a 2-part streaming interview, along with full…


he’s doing British accent =)

He tied me up in a dream once…



Robert: “And what was your…(question)?”

Journalist: “Experience of handcuffs.”

Robert: “Right. Where are you? I wanna look in your fuckin’ eyes.”

Jude: “Stand up. Go on. Show yourself.”

Robert: “So you’d like to know if I’ve been involved in sadomasochist activities…sexually?”

Journalist: “Yes.”

Robert: “I’m sorry is that your answer?”

LMAO is there a video or audio for this interview? Sounds like it’s funny

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Jeff Buckley - ‘Last Goodbye’…because he rules and he makes me cry. I swear, I cry every time I listen to that guy’s record. No, I seriously get all choked up. I get all emotional, I don’t cry outward, like I get choked up…it’s emotional, it’s very passionate. I like to sit and listen to his record. And drink red wine, and look at the countryside, and reflect. I love it.
Brandon Boyd - Interview 1999, when asked what three songs to play on the radio. Last Goodbye being the third. I’d listened to this interview like a dozen times before. I mean come on, I’ve had it for seven years, it does get played on shuffle. But this time I actually sat here with my finger on and off pause so I could get every single god damn word he said about Jeff. How sad am I?! I told you I am in a Jeff mood!!!


Jeff Buckley Interview
I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this….

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Yeah, I know…Davey spam…I’m in a Davey kind of mood.


Dave Grohl - REVOLVER interview