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Mom went grocery shopping today and got all the ingredients for me to make a beautiful and delicious salad. I call it a “Dori salad” because that’s what my daddy called it. Everyone who has tasted my salad has loved it. This recipe is for what I like. Feel free to modify it to your liking.

Washed iceberg lettuce
Kidney beans
Green onions
Chicken (sometimes I use ham)
Homemade croutons
Salt and pepper (to your liking)
Dressing of your choice.

Whoever invented this flavor of Ruffles; I will lip kiss. After a through toothbrushing, of course. #food

Yummy in mah tummy! #skittles #candy #food

Are so good for a midnight snack!

I like popcorn.

There’s another good thing about the midwest, we do have some pretty good, really inexpensive food. I will forever be a Californian, but I do enjoy paying less, who doesn’t?! And I gotta say, the dairy products here, ERMAHGERD!!! Probably because there are so many dairy farms out here, but my god. The milk, the sour cream, cottage cheese, the cheese, it’s all so good. 

Great now I’m making myself hungry. It’s okay, I’ll have that sandwich soon enough. And it’s only 5 bucks for a footlong, which leaves me one half for dinner and the other half for lunch the next day.

I better sleep before I ramble on some more about food.

One more thing…Quik Trip really is the shit.

  • me to food: come on let me hold you touch you feel you always kiss you taste you all night always

Just had a late night snack of pizza rolls. They’re sinfully delicious.

Total food porn. My entire mouth just filled with saliva.

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Yoda Cake by KatesKakes

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Foo Fighters en español