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Everlong - on Letterman

Foo Fighters playing Dave’s favorite song on his first show back from quintuple bypass surgery, 2/21/2000


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It was so cool seeing the live 3D. Back and Forth rocked it in theaters. I’m so glad I could get tickets, for it only being a one time thing!

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Dear god…he’s so yummy.

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Taylor Hawkins saying sorry to a window.


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Oh hells yeah.


easy for you to say

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Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m hanging on youGive me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m pulling for you nowGive me some rope I’m coming out of my head, into the clearWhen you go I come loose

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A collection of the coolest photos ever.

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I need more blogs to follow now. show me yourselves! 

Here my blog is. Tons of Incubus-y goodness. Oh and anything Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl.

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Foo Fighters :: All My Life

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The Pretender//Foo Fighters

Perfect. <3