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What was rage in the past has become reflection.
Eddie Vedder on Yield (via eddie-vedder)

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Sweaty Eddie. Yum.

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Eddie Vedder

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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by Eddie Vedder (The Beatles cover)

One of my favorite Beatles covers. The entire I Am Sam soundtrack is beautiful.

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The hands are raised in praise of Eddie Vedder who scaled the scaffolding during Pearl Jam’s performance at Lollapalooza 1992, held at Molson Park near Barrie, Ontario. 

Yeah and as I recall Eddie recently said how he was scared shitless but wanted to upstage Nirvana. Something like that. Even Dave said how scared HE was. I know if I was there I would have been frightened as fuck that Eddie would have slipped. But badassery points to him for scaling it.

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