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Incubus - Drive

Very first Incubus video I saw.

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Covering my favorite Incubus song of all time: Hana Pestle singing “Drive”


“whatever tomorrow brings i’ll be there with open arms and open eyes.”
i put this quote up on my wall because i just love what it’s saying. that no matter what you’ll accept whats coming tomorrow.
i got an old book from goodwill and tore out some pages and cut the letters from the pages. it was a collection of horror stories with some pictures thrown in along the stories, that’s what the colored letters are. and honestly, i think it adds to it.

That’s fucking awesome.

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First Incubus video I ever saw back in 2001. January 2001.

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Yeah little known fact about my fucking Drive tattoo…the mother fucker did it wrong. READ IT TO ME RIGHT!!!! TATTOOED IT ON ME WRONG!!!!!!! I was so fucking pissed when I figured it out. I was like….that is not flowing right. Then I flew off the handle going THIS IS FUCKING FOREVER!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!!! So it reads: Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open eyes and open arms. When he read it to me as: Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes. You fuckface. It’s actually really funny now. And when you look at it, your eyes just naturally read it as it SHOULD be. But at the time I was super pissed. And to be honest it still gets my gourd JUST a tad. But mostly it just makes me laugh. Ohhhh, the green, the naivety of it all. It was only my second tattoo. I jumped in feet first. It was STILL his fucking fault. Oh well, that was…oh fuck me!! Six years ago!!! Christ, I’m old!!

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Aww! Chris!! I loved his slippers in this video! Seriously, haha. That’s where my eyes immediately went. I notice the kitschiest things!

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99 Problem Drive - Incubus/JayZ mashup.

I like to think that Brandon Boyd and JayZ smoke tons of weed together.

Whoever made this is so full of win.