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Fashion | David Bowie

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Eddie Vedder & Ben Harper ‘Under Pressure’(Queen cover)

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Yeah, I’m reblogging for FUCKING OBVIOUS REASONS! 

I love all these bands.

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David Bowie - Rebel Rebel

Every time I hear David Bowie, I think of Ren now hhaha.


Foo Fighters private fundraiser show - Queen / David Bowie cover - Under Pressure (by fytdpwr)


He has the ability to make ANYTHING look glamorous!

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Queen feat. Bowie - Under Pressure.

Personal anthem.

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David Bowie - Fame

Sometime in January of 1975…

David Bowie and John Lennon, having met in the previous year, reunited for a jam session one evening. Reportedly, they began the session with a cover of Lennon’s “Across The Universe” from his Beatle days. The two then went on to create a new song, “Fame”. Much of the lyrics are from discussions Bowie and Lennon had about the downsides to being a celebrity. Lennon contributed some vocals to the track in addition to lyrical input. John’s notorious high-pitched “Fame!” over the main guitar rifts can be heard as well as at the end with the repeating words of “Fame Fame Fame etc., what’s your name?” The song was eventually credited to Bowie, Carlos Alomar and Lennon.

Teehee. Chandler, let’s get married.

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People are so fucking dumb. Nobody reads anymore, nobody goes out and looks and explores the society and culture that they were brought up in. People have attention spans of 5 seconds and as much depth as a glass of water.

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sad but true.

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"Hey man, oh leave me alone, you know. Hey man, oh Henry, get off the phone, I gotta. Hey man, I gotta straighten my face, this mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place. Hey man,  my schooldays’ insane. Hey man, my work’s down the drain. Hey man, well she’s total blam-blam. She said she had to squeeze it, but she…and then she…’ 

Easily, my favorite Bowie song ever! Incubus covered it at the Amnesty Inernational Make Some Noise for Darfur benefit show. I want a copy of that sooo bad! I have all the other songs they played. Well besides "Drop It Like It’s Hot" That was too fucking funny. Funny and weird story about that show, I had never heard Crow live and I had wanted to hear it so fucking badly you have NO IDEA! So as Mikey, Ben, and Brandon were taking the stage, I turned to Jill and said this; “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the first song they played was Crow?” And she was like “Haha, yeah.” And then they started playing and I was like No.Fuck.Way. 'Unlearn me, ditch what I read, behind what I heard…' It kind of creeped me out a bit. I looked at Jill, and showed her my arm, it was covered in goosebumps and my hair was standing on end. Haha. I was like, ‘Holy shit, I called it! How did that happen?!’ But yeah, if anyone out there has a copy of Incubus covering Suffragette City from that show, hook it up! :D

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