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You’re standing there waiting for your favorite band. They were scheduled to go on at 8, it’s 8:03. You know it’s going to happen but it still catches you by surprise. The lights go down and a deep bass note, one so deep you feel it in your chest, rumbles from the speakers. Then it happens; everyone rushes forward, pushing the air out of your lungs. Then all that matters is that band and knowing that everyone is just trying to get a little closer to a band they love just as much as you do. Everything is perfect. 

My favorite feeling in the world. <3

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DC 101 Chili Cook off, 5/12/12

Hope Lauren had a kickass time! :)

The best feeling in the whole entire world.

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The place I truly feel alive.

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Gonna see them in concert Saturday. Hell yes.


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Lets fucking make it happen peoples. Cisco and I would explode into unicorns, zombies, dinosaurs, fairies, koalas, bananas in pyjamas and everything in between if this were to happen!!

What is Foocubus?

Foo Fighters + Incubus on tour = Foocubus. Mr. Steve Rennie came up with that terminology. Maybe one day I will see this in my lifetime haha. I sure hope so. Or maybe one off show in the US. I would sooo travel for it!!!

I cannot fucking wait. Just can’t wait.

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I live, breathe and bleed for these moments.

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And once you are there; your heart and soul is so pure and full of the music. That you wouldn’t care if you died right then and there. You’d go fucking happy. Seriously…..have I mentioned that music is my life? HAHAHAH!

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What just came to mind was Incubus at Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 18, 2007. Front row center….Nice To Know You (my favorite Incubus song of all time had just ended.) It’s dead silent, we’re all waiting for more, then those familiar 4 cymbal crashes!!! WE ALL GO FUCKING APESHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

'When I close my eyes, I can see for miles. There's comfort in my dark seat, and chaos in the aisles….'

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Holy shit, holy, holy fucking shit. All of a sudden I was instantaneously transported back to the best concert of my life. Incubus at Red Rocks. It just doesn’t matter how many times I see them, they get better and better and it’s always exactly like the first time. I can close my eyes and see everything. So wonderful and real, I felt so fucking alive and free. That place just…you have to go there before you die, seriously. I would live there if I could. I will never stop seeing Incubus. That’s just it, never, ever, ever.


This remembers me my first (and only… for now!) U2 concert. I looked at Edge and I was thinking “He’s real. He’s here!l”. And then I saw Bono… my world will never be the same after that moment <3 I felt home!

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