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Sometimes somone says EXACTLY what you need to hear. Thank you Claire for being there for me when I needed to bawl my eyes out. You were comforting and reassuring and I can’t wait until you can come visit me or I can come visit you.

I can be the Ethel to your Lucy, since you are redheaded and hilarious and I am blonde and hilarious. We’re zany!



I always, always think of Claire whenever I hear this song.

I’m supremely, super duper bummed. Claire’s car broke down this afternoon as she was leaving to come to my house. And since my car is out of commission for two weeks because of the fucking deer accident, we aren’t able to go. I had some generous offers from friends to either a: loan me money to get a rental, b: pick both Claire and I up and other possibilities. I am thankful for the offers, but I really cannot go without Claire.

It’s something that we’d been planning on for a while and I wouldn’t feel right going and having fun without her, the fun we were supposed to have together.

Besides both of our cars getting fucked within a one week timespan…OH! And her mom got in an accident or she would have just come down in her car. Something in the universe is trying to tell us it’s not meant to be.

But at least she broke down literally two miles from her house and she wasn’t in the middle of bumfuck, nowhere. Or us going to the show and getting stuck somewhere in the middle of the night. It’s just one show, a show I was yearning for, but for some reason, it’s not in the cards.

I can’t help but wonder is it because of my knee that it wasn’t meant to work out?

My knee has gotten rapidly and markedly worse in the short two…has it even been two weeks? Anyhow since I saw my orthopedist. He doesn’t even know what he’s going to be able to do until he gets in there during surgery. I don’t even want to think about the pain I would have gone through tomorrow…doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna go. I DO! I wish we could! But I’m trying to be an adult about this.

Claire, I love you too. Next time Incubus comes we’re going all the way. MYF and everything. <3 <3

I rule.

So does Claire and

Fuck stupid men, fuck them right in the ear.

How’s about we go see Incubus? In about a month? Sound good? Something you’d be interested in?

Good, me fucking too. It’s a date.


Dear sweet baby Jesus,

Please have Incubus play this song, “Warning”, “The Warmth”, “Nice To Know You”, and “Isadore” in May.


Claire and Dori.

Reblogging again for this response:

Dear Incubus,

I think NTKY will be a given and I love you for that. But if you would JUST play Isadore again, I think my heart would fly out of my chest on zombie fairy wings, sprinkle fairy dust on you, so you could fly and then soar right back into my chest. (also play Warning because Claire has never heard it. And if you could play Privilege or Make Yourself I think my life would be complete.) I would LOVE to hear the Dig remix! But whatever you want to play is jolly good with us.


Dori and Claire.

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So Claire and I decided against going to Pointfest. Gonna save more money/energy that way.

Plus Springfield is just an Incubus show, so it will be longer than a festival.

So this is what being an adult is? I’m happy with our decision. One amazing show is better than killing ourselves for two. =)

We’re going to see Incubus twice in one week. Teehee.


Tickets being bought Saturday the 10th.


It’s snowing :3

This is my adorable friend Claire, we are seeing Incubus in May… u jelly?

I wish we could have spent more time together in St. Louis at the Incubus show.

You should have stayed with me at the tent for a while!

You are not the right one because YOU HAVEN’T MET THE RIGHT ONE YET!

One day you will meet a guy who will just genuinely want to be in your company and he will listen to you and value your opinion and be your best friend and love all the same music you do and not treat you like a piece of shit.

He will make you smile and do all the little things, even if it is just idk…recording a clip of your favorite song and showing it to you or sending you pictures of things you love. 

Out of the blue too.

It will happen. 

Yo amo y te adoro, Claire.

PHIL, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!! This is funnier than when Mitchell said “Oh sweet Lady Gaga, that’s good!”

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&#8230;And she dresses up for the firefighters.

…And she dresses up for the firefighters.