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You can find your identity in the damage that’s been done to you. You find your identity in your wounds, in your scars, in the places where you’ve been beat up and you turn them into a medal. We all wear the things we’ve survived with some honour, but the real honour is in also transcending them.
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The Boss still looks boss. My god.

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Perfection personified.



oh my god <3 so perfect


Oh shit….this totally made my entire night…more….ahem. Yeah.

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Bruce Springsteen,
Greetings from Asbury Park

Bruce Springsteen | Growin’ Up

I took month-long vacations in the stratosphere,
and you know it’s really hard to hold your breath.
I swear I lost everything I ever loved or feared,
I was the cosmic kid in full costume dress. 

Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth,
but I got me a nice little place in the stars. 

And I swear I found the key to the universe,
in the engine of an old parked car.

I hid in the mother breast of the crowd,
but when they said, “Pull down,” I pulled up 

Ooh… growin’ up 
Ooh… growin’ up

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Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark

I love this song, so fucking much!

I fucking love The Boss. <3


Bruce Springsteen

HOT!! Dude, for some reason this picture made me think of his guest spot in High Fidelity. That was was the fucking tits man!!

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Bruce Springsteen,
Streets Of Philadelphia (s)


Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

I was bruised and battered,
I couldn’t tell what I felt.
I was unrecognizable to myself.
I saw my reflection in the window,
I didn’t know my own face.

Oh, brother are you gonna
leave me wastin’ away,
on the streets of Philadelphia.’

I am feeling this song so hard right now. Thank you, Bruce. You truly are The Boss.