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Sea face - boat beard. — at P&O Dublin Port.


Sea face - boat beard. — at P&O Dublin Port.

So the Ben show was absolutely amazing. Perfect setlist, the crowd was fairly small and everyone stuck around to talk afterward. While Ben was onstage I called out to him and told him this was my 3 year sober present and he congratulated me on my “Huge achievement.” 

So after the show I went up to him and said “I don’t know if you will remember me.” and he says “Yeah, Dori right?” I got so excited that I just bear hugged him. He asked me what I had been up to the past couple of years. I told him about the move to the midwest and just settling in and whatnot. We talked for a little bit more, I introduced him to my friends Brenna and Abbey and he kept saying how much he stunk and apologized for it, but I didn’t detect a trace of stank. Hahah.

I was so excited to finally meet Ashley, I told him that I saw The Division Group show in 2006 and he was like “At the Independent?” and I was like “No at The Knitting Factory.” and he was like “In Hollywood, so now that you have heard me on drums and bass, which do you prefer?” I said bass, because he was rocking out so hard and I personally, love that. 

I met the other band members too, Ari and Joe. I am so glad I went to the show, it was just what I needed. And has been making me smile for days. 

I just want to upload pictures and a video, then blog about it, but I am falling asleep on the keyboard. Believe me, the story is worth the wait. :D

Was so amazing, so awesome, so mindblowing that I need time to process what all happened tonight. So I am going to bed with sweet, sweet dreams. Goodnight lovely followers, I shall share with you all soon.

Tonight! I can’t even begin to explain my level of excitement.

Tonight! I can’t even begin to explain my level of excitement.

Ben Kenney tonight!!! Leaving as soon as Brenna and Abbey get here! Muy excited!


#BenKenney of #Incubus ♥👌

Can’t believe I am seeing him next month!


My favorite.

Dude, I am so excited for this Ben show in June that I could puke rainbows.

Oh dear Ben. I heart you. I will see you in June at the Granada!

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I don’t think there is a word strong enough for how much I love Incubus. I don’t think I could ever possibly explain what they have done for me through music, art, life and everything in between. I’ve been a fan since I was 15 but not a hardcore one until I was 19.

I live for live music and I can’t wait to see them again, I get to see Ben on June 15 at the Granada in Kansas and then I can’t wait to see if Brandon tours because I am NOT going to miss that.

Incubus is my soul band. Just sayin’.


One of our Incufest participants, @BeOtherWorldly, scored lunch and an interview with Ben Kenney.

Great interview with Ben. It is making me so damn excited for June!


Ben Kenney Interview (by Kayode Kendall)

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