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a muslim woman protesting the burka. in some countries, muslim women are raped and beaten for showing even their noses and mouths. in some places, they get their hands chopped off for showing their wrists, or looking at a man. 

This is amazing, this is beyond amazing.

Damn. Brave. 

This is likely the only time my blog will have nudity on it but I feel this is too important not to have on my blog.  The female body is something beautiful. Harming a woman for the reasons listed above is beyond cruel and oppressive. It should never happen and I’m glad people are taking a stand against it.  

this is amazing, but i do want to remember that some Muslim women do like the burka. although really it should be personal choice 

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    Censored by tumblr. You can find the picture at This picture is a demonstration for freedom...
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