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My brother can be such an asshole. I couldn’t find my dog, so I was frantic, even if it is 3AM. So I woke him up to see if she was hiding under his covers. Bella likes to hide in sheets and blankets.

So what it progressed into was him calling me all sorts of names. Then the most hurtful thing of all: “You don’t have a job, so you can sleep all day. I can’t. I can’t be lazy like you.”

Yeah, this was MY choice. I was born with a chemical imbalance in my brain. And all the bullying and torture I had to endure growing up has left my emotional devlopment of that of a young teen. I am 28 chronologically, but mentally I am about 13-14. That is not something that I readily share, but it helps explain my situation.

After all medication only controls 10-15 percent. The other 85-90 percent is up to me. I would LOVE to have a job. One where I get paid, and doing what I love to do best; helping people.

But right now I have to help myself and I don’t think he understands that.

Anyway. I just had to vent that. I feel better now. If anyone reads this entire thing they get two gold stars and a cookie.

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