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So update on being sick: had to go back to the emergency room on Sunday because my chest hurt so bad and I couldn’t breathe. The doctor ordered a chest xray and it showed that the pneumonia in my right lung has gone deeper and thickened.

He put me on a heavy duty cough syrup with pain killer in it, steroids and a heavier duty antibiotic.

I feel so horrible. I don’t think I have ever been this sick in my whole life. I feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest and I can’t do a thing about it. And I miss my friends. But I don’t have much energy so even the simple act of being online via the Droid makes my head spin.

I can’t even go back to work until the new year, that depresses me. This certainly isn’t the feeling I was going for for the Christmas time.

I am wrapped up in bed, I keep alternating between hot and cold. I turned my ceiling fan on and that isn’t helping as much as I thought it would.

I suppose I just needed an outlet for my moodiness. I hope everyone is doing well. I hope to be better sooner rather than later.

Take care everyone :)

  1. myvickylife said: Sounds like you need a little Incubus therapy. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
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