It's not who you were, it's who you are.

Dori. Twenty-something. Always something quirky to say. "If they're words from your heart you scream twice as loud." - Dave Grohl

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Toes two days later. My ankle, back, and neck are sprained as well as my facial fracture and my toes that are fractured as well. #ouch

My face, two days later. #ouch

I saw an old friend of mine on Instagram. Our friendship ended rather acriomoniously or however you spell it. In high school. I figured, why not take a walk down memory lane. I requested her, her feed was private and she okayed me and started following me back, so I tried facebook and she added me there too! We started talking and it was so nice. No drama, just two adults talking to one another. She has a husband and three adorable little girls. They look just like her! I am so glad that I decided to try and start a friendship again. I can’t wait to get to know her better now.

Mom went grocery shopping today and got all the ingredients for me to make a beautiful and delicious salad. I call it a “Dori salad” because that’s what my daddy called it. Everyone who has tasted my salad has loved it. This recipe is for what I like. Feel free to modify it to your liking.

Washed iceberg lettuce
Kidney beans
Green onions
Chicken (sometimes I use ham)
Homemade croutons
Salt and pepper (to your liking)
Dressing of your choice.



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YES! Words cannot describe how much I love this song.

Silly goodnight selfie! #selfie #goodnight

Alphabetical and shit. Proud of my growing collection. I have a little bit of everything. #vinyl #music

Hanging with my homedawg. #dogsofinstagram. #yorkie


Skype Talkin’ - Brandon Boyd (by CortonvilleTube)

Only in America can you be pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-unmanned drone bombs, pro-nuclear weapons, pro-guns, pro-torture, pro-land mines, and still call yourself ‘pro-life.’
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Usually absolutely nothing. If I’m on the rag, nothing but panties. But if I get too cold, I will throw on a t-shirt. But normally I really want to be as comfy as possible and that really can only happen in your birthday suit.

First time I have ever said this to anyone. And I do wear sleep/loungey stuff when I am downstairs. If I don’t have to get up to go anywhere, I sure as shit will not get all dressed up, so I wear sleep pants and a tank or t-shirt.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to post this anywhere, it is really only blog worthy, because it’s a frickin’ online diary. I have handwritten ones as well. But typing is just, well it doesn’t wear your your arm out as much as a pen does.

Random thought number: 56738374937 coming to you straight from the ole noodle. Back to our regularly scheduled program.