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Dori. Twenty-something. Always something quirky to say. "If they're words from your heart you scream twice as loud." - Dave Grohl

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Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads

Okay I’m reblogging this again because I want to point out how beautiful this is and the sheer number of stereotypes it disproves. The stereotype that a gay couple cant be good parents. The stereotype that men know nothing about caring for girls’ hair. The stereotype that all gay men are feminine. The stereotype that black men abandon their children. The stereotype that people with a lot of tattoos aren’t caring. The stereotype that black people are too lazy to care about things like school- This picture is a beautiful thing and I love everything about it and it makes me regain confidence in the world we live in

Beautiful family.

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brandon boyd process

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Holy shit!


Incubus- Isadore

My song forever and ever.


@brandonboyd: Thanks @RevoltTV for the lovely conversation. Watch here y’all…
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A much more flattering photo as to the one earlier. #smile

When he came out everyone was a little afraid to commit. Well not everybody, but a lot of popular artists were afraid to commit completely to what they were doing. They kind of used irony as a sheet around them, kind of protecting them from having to own up to what they said. Not only did he have one of the best voices I have ever heard, he was one hundred percent committed to what he was doing. He was unabashedly romantic in his lyrics and the way he sang. He got some flack for it while he was alive, and it sucks because when someone dies people start to say maybe he was awesome and they begin to analyze it differently. For those reasons, and I can go on forever about the guy. His voice has been influential to a lot of current artists, to people who might not even admit it really. Just his range and where he would even try to go with his voice. The guts to go from one octave to two above. Not a lot of people are doing that…so also his falsetto influence has influenced me as well.
Brandon Boyd of Incubus
(GAP Fall 2005 Backstage Pass “Their Favorite Things”)

I love both of these men.

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I think it would be great if you would say five nice things you like about yourself publicly. Spread the self love and make yourself feel better, as we all need sometimes! Then, send it to ten of your favourite followers. You're all lovely! (◕‿◕✿)
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Well thank you! :)

(This is harder than I thought it would be.)

1. I’m very driven and focused.

2. I’ve read a lot of books and I’m pretty smart.

3. I have stormy blue eyes that I like.

4. I’m a good cook and I love to bake.

5. I’m proud that I’m not addicted to anything except maybe caffeine and sugar.


(Go do it!)

Wow, this is actually pretty hard! Let’s see if I can do this!

1. I’m great at drawing, though I don’t do it much anymore.
2. I’m far more intelligent than most people give me credit for.
3. I’m also pretty good at cooking.
4.Dare I sound conceited and narcissistic enough to say I think I have a pretty face. Sometimes.
5. I’m giving too nice for my own good. If someone needs something, I’ll do it for them even if it’s to my own disadvantage.

Your turn!

Thanks for tagging me, eswynn =)

1. I have a decent voice. People have told me it’s pretty. I was in special choirs in high school. 2. Incubus and Foo Fighters are very, very near and dear to my heart. 3. I just love to take care of people, that’s why I am going into nursing. 4. I like wrestling. WWE really is interesting to me. 5. I love to cook. I can’t think of anyone else to tag! Haha, but I thank otterchops for tagging me!





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So exciteeeeeed!!!!!!

Two words.


When did this go one sided?
I didn’t fall in alone
Sometimes I wish I’d never met you at all.
If love goes unrequited
Can we really call it love?
Do I hang on?
Or should I let go?
Should I let go?
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My favorite part of the song.


Brandon Boyd Galaxy by me

This is an exceptional piece of art!

Seven years ago today, I lost my Superman. My daddy. Daddy, I love you and I miss you and I will cherish all the memories of us together for the rest of my life. #ilovemydaddy